Laminate & Vinyl Floor Restoration

We offer two types of cleaning packages for laminate and vinyl flooring. Our technicians utilize the lowest impact methods possible to ensure your floors are protected and restored to as good as new.

Laminate/Luxury Vinyl Plank Cleaning:

We know that many of our clients are moving to luxury vinyl plank or laminate floors. They are easy to install and fairly easy to clean. Our hard surface cleaning package utilizes a neutral cleaner that will breakdown the grime and dirt on your laminate or LVP floor. This will leave you with a refreshed and restored surface that is safe for your family to enjoy.

Vinyl Floor Strip/Recoat:

If you have sealed vinyl floors in a commercial space or in your home after about 5 years you will need to remove the topcoat of finish (stripping), clean the vinyl, then apply new layers of topcoats. Our specialty cleaning process can completely transform your vinyl floors to new in just one day!

We understand that your space may be unique, that's why we offer free in home/business estimates to ensure you get the best pricing available. So, give us a call at 360-386-9989, book online @, or email us at