Commercial Vinyl Restoration

Commercial Vinyl Restoration Services

We offer many lucrative cleaning packages for your vinyl or VCT flooring in your business. These range from annual, bi-annual, and quarterly cleanings all the way to complete strip and re-waxing of your floor.

Why NuTrend?

We understand that businesses want the most bang for their buck. That's why we offer competitive rates, and our cleaning process is streamlined to ensure your front doors stay open.

Here's What Our Cleaning Process Will Do for Your Business:

  • After hour cleanings that occur when your business is closed
  • Preferred scheduling to ensure you don't have to reduce business hours
  • Workmanship Guarantee
  • Service Plans to forecast future cleanings giving you the flexibility in planning

Types of Vinyl and VCT Tile Services

  • We offer standard cleanings of vinyl and VCT tile floors that can remove dirt, grease, and soil buildup without needing to strip the wax off the floor.
  • If heavy buildup of residue and/or damage to the floor is present, we offer a strip and re-wax service. This requires removing the existing layer of wax, then cleaning the surface of the floor, and re-applying two to three coats of wax to the floor for proper protection.