Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

We offer lucrative packages for our commercial clients. Ranging from annual, bi-annual, and quarterly cleanings. Did you know our form of carpet cleaning originated in the commercial space? Our low moisture approach to cleaning carpet will not over saturate or overheat your commercial grade carpet. When it comes to carpet tiles and glue down carpet, we simply utilize the preferred industry standard to ensure your commercial floor is protected during and after cleaning.

Why Trust NuTrend with your Business?

Our company started in the commercial floor care business over 40 years ago.  This is why our specialized cleaning process provides you the most protection for your floors.

SEE what sets us apart from other cleaners:

  • Our equipment is self-contained. This allows you to secure your business while we clean your floors. This is great for banks, schools, and senior living facilities.
  • Our equipment is very quiet, our loudest piece of machinery is our vacuum
  • We offer evening, night, and weekend cleanings to minimize any impact on your business
  • All of our cleanings include a pre-vacuum prior to our deep clean ensuring any surface debris is removed
  • Your carpets will dry fast! We use very little water, which will result in your carpet drying within 60 minutes of cleaning
  • Our cleaning solution contains ZERO residue, Eco-Friendly, and will protect your carpet for 6 months