DIY Carpet Cleaning Solution

DIY CarpetCleaning Solutions

Here at NuTrend Clean, we understand that it’s great to havea DIY option for cleaning small areas of carpet. As an Eco-Friendly company we utilizeonly non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable cleaning solutions. We highlyrecommend doing the same for those emergency DIY carpet cleanings in your home.


BEST DIYCarpet Cleaning Solution:

In a standard spray bottle:

1.       1cup white vinegar

2.       2cups of water

3.       2teaspoons salt

4.       Ifyou want to add some scent, feel free to use a small amount of lavender oil


1.       Mixthe vinegar and water in a glass spray bottle. Add the lavender oil and thesalt to the spray bottle. Put the cap back on and thoroughly shake.

2.       Spraythe solution liberally on the carpet or use it for cleaning an area rug withouta carpet cleaner. Make sure to shake the bottle frequently to ensure theingredients remain mixed.

3.       Allowthe carpets or rugs to dry thoroughly to ensure the mixture has time to work.Vacuum your carpet to remove the dried residue. You can repeat the applicationas needed.


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Author: Joan Clark