Carpet Cleaning Hacks

How to Treat and Clean Spills on Carpet:

We have all been there. It’s a holiday weekend, family is over,and your favorite Aunt spills a glass of wine on your living room carpet. YouPANIC and start scrubbing your carpet like there’s no tomorrow, but the stainfrom the wine just doesn’t come out.

As a professional carpet cleaner serving Snohomish Countysince 1982, we know a thing or two about stains. Just know, you’re not alone if/whenthat spill occurs. Yes, we do recommend having your carpets professionallycleaned, however if you’re in a pinch here are a few things to try first:

DIY GeneralPurpose Spot Cleaner:

Baking SodaCarpet Cleaner

Out of all homemade carpet cleaners, baking soda is yourbest choice to quickly clean wet stains like vomit or urine stains from yourcarpet because it will soak up the fluids and deodorize your carpet at the sametime. Also, if you need to get out blood stains, here’s how to remove bloodstains from carpet.

Blot the area first with a light cloth to soak up the excessmoisture.

Pour baking soda over the affected area and pat gently witha paper towel.

Let the baking soda sit on top of the stain so it can absorbthe mixture.

After an hour, vacuum up the baking soda


Spot TreatmentSteps for Carpet:

1.      SPOT TEST: before to spray your cleaningsolution all over the spill, test a small location first to determine if it’ssafe to use in a larger area. If you don’t, it is possible the cleaningsolution will bleach or discolor your carpet. Making the area look even worse.

2.      ACT FAST. The faster you start cleaning thestain the more likely the carpet will not be discolored.

3.      BLOT-do not rub or scrub. Blotting will helpwick the stain up from the padding of the carpet without damaging the fibers.


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Author: Tamara Gane